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We operate and study highly secure validators in order to help our clients to secure their environments.


Status: Mainnet

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Status: Evaluation

Address: soon

Our main objective is to achieve high availability. If our validator gets slashed we are not taking responsibility for financial losses. By delegating, you confirm being aware of potential risks with respect to slashing and that Ethermat GmbH cannot be taken responsible or liable.

Secure Architecture

Our nodes run in a multi-site, isolated, and certified high availability environment. Monitoring of the infrastructure is a key requirement to achieve high availability. Our main key concept is to reduce the attack surface of the validator as much as possible.

Our Unicorn Manager

This in-house developed component runs on and manages every validator node. It implements agent-like behaviour with the objective to fulfill high availability requirements of our validator network.


Advanced consensus algorithms such as Casper, Tendermint, and GRANDPA punish non-reliable and malicious validators. Our validators take all measures to behave correctly in order to maximize staking returns under low fee conditions for the nominators.